Thursday, February 09, 2006

Team vs Individual thought

Sometimes I wonder whether people are stopped from having ideas because of the team ethic. The drive towards having a great team, means that people sometimes find it hard to be brave and put forward ideas - they need to feel part of the team too much. Maybe I am wrong but I find that the phrase "I don't know - what do you think ?" is becomingpart of everyday life. Now readers of this blog will know I am a believer in teams but what I am adding, is that it should not prevent individuals being encouraged to have independent thought. It is about embracing diversity of thought within the team.
Encourage original thought - otherwise you end up with a team of what I call Powerpoint lovers who regurgitate ideas. Or even worse people who use other peoples ideas for themselves - that is a dangerous situation to be in. Ideas are lacking and trust is disappearing.
I don't know who said this but someone said "The price of being a sheep is boredom, the price of being a wolf is loneliness" The idea is to be wise enough to understand when to be a team player and feel safe enough within the team to be able to put forward original thought.
So are you a wolf or are you a sheep ? Let me know...and also send us examples of how you encourage ideas within your team.....

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