Friday, February 17, 2006

Giving Options

Whether you are in sales, a manager, a parent, admin you are always having to persuade people. David Maister gives a great example:
A doctor after doing some tests walks in and says I will be operating tomorrow morning at 6am, I think the easiest thing is to remove your leg. Think what you reaction would extreme situation I know but merely to get the point across.
What you want at that point is for him to identify the issue.....give you some options....advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility and give his professional recommendation ....right ?
He is altering something and not giving you any say in it...well remember this story when people react badly to one of YOUR decisions. Did they need to understand first and need your help to come to the decision that was going to effect them......Rememebr golden rules
  1. Identify options
  2. Discuss risks,costs advantages and disadvantages
  3. Make your professional recommendation
  4. Let them then agree - if 1-3 are well done this will not be an issue

Remember don't amputate before asking !!!!

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