Friday, February 24, 2006

Feeling Overhelmed ?

We all feel as though we can't cope at times...well here are 5 tips on how to regain control.

  1. Bite size chunks - start with basics, a small thing that can build some attention and people will start to follow.
  2. Review - ideas you start will be a mixture...some better than and und understand if it is the idea or that the organisation is not ready for it.
  3. Be brave - When you start small and throwing lots of ideas out need to be ready to stop the ones that aren't working. The more ideas you use, the more ideas will succeed and fail. Be brave, the ideas that are not working are learnings and probably just ahead of its time...don't stop creating ideas. You will gain respect from people for recognising when to stop.
  4. People - success will be based on how people react to it. Spend time to explain and tweak from feedback.....Don't be too stubborn to listen !
  5. Forget perfection ! - Too many people daren't put an idea forward until it is perfect...forget it speed is more important....then get buy in from those people to improve need progress not perfection.

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