Monday, February 13, 2006

Decision Making

How clearly have you defined when people need to run things by you or when they can make decisions by themselves. If not clear it can cause tension. There are basically 4 ways to make a decision and if you use this framework you will ensure your team fully understands how the decision will be made
  1. Autocratic - You are going to make the decision and you only
  2. Delegate - You are delegating the decision and they do not have to come back to run it past you. Be careful here - if you delegate then you can't shout if the decision is wrong !
  3. Consultative - Here you delegate the decision but the person must consult with others(usually defined by you) before they make the decision
  4. Consensus - All people have to agree before a decision is made.

Now think....when you have been irritated it will have been because someone said, for example that it was consensus but in reality it was autocratic....Be clear to your team, they may not always agree but they will understand the process.

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