Monday, February 06, 2006


Dr David Fleming does a fantastic podcast on ITunes and one I heard recently looked at culture. In simple terms if you feel there is something missing in your team it is probably missing in you ! If you feel you are never recognised - do you take others for granted ? If it is respect then are you giving those people respect ? A team looks to the leader for its culture..if you withhold passion for what you want to achieve then others around you, will lack commitment. So what do you do ?
  1. Look in the mirror - Be ruthless, be honest with self reflection.
  2. Think of a time when your team - or if in personal life, friends - were not committed to you. What was your body language saying ? What were the words you used ?
  3. Become aware of yourself - try to stand by the side of yourself and think about how you are behaving
  4. Ask for candid feedback - but you must take it - graciously. Say "I don't believe the respects me but I wonder whether it is something I am causing ? Am I holding back in meetings ?

Finally an old quote "Be the change you want to be in the world" (Ghandi) But so true in this context. Stop withholding and give out the very things you want to flourish.

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