Friday, February 03, 2006


Ever found yourself thinking "I wish I wasn't the only person round here who ccan solve problems !" Right now stop there......think about the last lunchtime, the last break how many people did you see doing Sudoku -the new quiz in all the papers...or a crossword....if not today then I bet you have seen it in the past. Those people are problem solving, they have self belief that they can crack the problem. Sure they have had a learning curve and often messed up but they learn and solve the next one - using their previous experiences.
Right there in your crowd are people who want to be challenged, want to be pushed want to learn. Right there, are logical thinkers who love solving problems.....when was the last time you tapped into that potential, when was the last time you thought they love those puzzles because they don't feel stretched in what they do ? Maybe asking them - understanding why they enjoy their puzzles will allow you to understand them better
Difference being that they allow themselves to learn, get it wrong and then learn again.....all you have to do is coach them..allow them to learn...share your experiences of how to approach a work problem and there! A ready made problem solver at your disposal. People need you to believe in them before they will believe they can be successful for you......

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