Monday, February 27, 2006

Forgotton Gems

A challenge for you today.....sit back and think of friends, family, colleagues....go through each one. Is there someone who you have not recognised ?...Those unsung heroes may be quiet, they maybe just come in do their job and go home....but recognise them. They need recognition as much as your dynamic leaders...your extroverts....sometimes they need it more. But they need it in a quiet way probably not a huge public display of emotion.....a thank you card, maybe ? The best gift I ever got was a card saying "Thanks, I was feeling down today and you made me smile and you inspired me. Thank you for being you".....Wow ! Now that's powerful. If there is someone you haven't recognised and you don't feel they deserve it..then ask why and work with them to address the reasons.

Sometimes we spend a lot of money bringing new people in when we have stars already working for us - we just have noticed them yet !

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