Thursday, February 16, 2006

Achieving more

Do you ever feel that you are going round in circles ? That no matter what you do you never achieve everything that you want......sound familiar ?
Well, often people concentrate on who are members of the team/project and what they are individually achieving. To improve productivity, people go out into the country and build rafts etc. Well of course teambuilding is important but as part of the process not as an end in its self. When you spend money on these events an increase in productivity is not a given! It helps to improve your workflow through increased communication. Why...well people often feel closer after that kind of event. This helps in encouraging people to open up back at the office on the issues that can hinder productivity
  • Clarity of roles...who does what
  • Coordinating work the process is as efficeint as automated as possible and no overlap
  • Ensuring there are standards set and understand in handing over work to others - within the team or to other depts.

Next time you teambuild make sure you get a business benefit from it...otherwise it is actually a social event....not a waste but not as effective as it could be. Do you always follow up a teambuilding event with a brainstorming event on how to increase productivity?

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