Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DIfferent Perspectives

A old man arriving at an airport had a packet of biscuits and grabs a coffee to drink with them. He sits down to enjoy when a really rough, long haired bloke sits down and starts eating a biscuit from the packet. The old man tuts and takes one for himself then starts reading the paper. Then the lout takes another biscuit ! The man can't believe it and tuts EVEN MORE loudly and takes one for himself, leaving just one biscuit left. The lout leans forward breaks it in half and offers the old man half of the biscuit. The man is appalled but takes the biscuit, not daring to say anything due to the thuggish nature of the lout. Later as the man goes through the metal detector he empties his pockets and much to his surprise finds his packet of biscuits. At that point he realised he had been eating the rough looking lad's biscuits !!!!! At that point the whole impression changed of that rough looking lad.....from annoyance to caring.
Now how often have you pre-conceived thoughts that cloud your judgement. If you feel you are reacting emotionally to someone...Stop and take a step it really what they are doing or saying...or is it what you think you are seeing or hearing ?

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