Thursday, February 23, 2006

Learning from Primates !

We can learn alot from our are some results from studying the behaviour of monkeys and gorillas that we can use in our working life...
  • The optimum ratio of positives to negatives is 5:1 to ensure realtionships prosper home and at work. Beware if you increase that ratio happiness does not go you are not dealing with the issues. In your interactions are you using a ratio of 5:1 towards positives?
  • Your boss needs positive feeback. If the boss does not sense positive body language or does not get reassurance from you then their confidence suffers ! Now this is you being deferential and respectful not forning all over them !
  • People work better if self-motivated - work out their individual motivation and play to it.

We can learn from all kinds of widely not just management I will get back to my banana!

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