Thursday, April 13, 2006

Putting the P into Change!

Change is something that is happening all the time to us. To help others adjust through this difficult time, I have detailed below 6 P's that will help you to successfully lead your team through change.
  1. Participation:- Be inclusive - not in terms of going through the motions but take time to explain the issues and ask people to participate in the change. This needs to be authentic - people will see through fake brainstorming sessions. Change is much easier if people are part of the design.
  2. Purpose: - what is the reason for the change. Change is much easier to deal with if you can understand why, this is really helped if you are communicating early and often about the market issues you are facing.
  3. Picture:- Paint a scene of what it will look like. Try and make this specific to the audience. If it does not have relevance to the audience they will not hear or understand it. Answer "What does this mean to me?"
  4. Plan:- both in terms of how the company/team will get from here to there but also and most importantly plan your communication. Plan what the core message needs to be and plan a different approach to each audience. Remember to check understanding after the communication.
  5. Part: - It is important to address the issues and the part the team will play in the change. They need to understand what is expected of them.
  6. Party:- As success happens celebrate the change results and take time out to recognise individual accomplishments.

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