Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Modern Motivators at Work

I am constantly surprised at how people do not recognise what motivates people. People constantly use money - which of course has to be in the right ball park - but now with relatively low unemployment people can and will look round for the best pay deal. Competing on price for people will not work, the external motivators like pay and reward is in reality a given. What sets you out from the crowd as a place to work is the intrinsic motivators such as satisfaction, meaning and the sense of community. If you want to build a great team, a great company or indeed a great family, concentrate on the will not regret it. If you have to constantly look at pay, people are probably not that happy and want more compensation for putting up with the job. Think wider and look at what satisfies people - each individual will be different and your role is to understand that and feed it.

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