Thursday, April 06, 2006

The abundance of Glass

I went on the train into Leeds this week and hit (not literally!) by the abundance of glass in the new high rise buildings that you see as you enter the station. They are, in the main new appartments and it made me wonder about the trend for glass.
To me it "mirrors" the trend in the workplace and society. Glass gives the impression of wealth, it is startling to look at, and has a beauty - it gives the trappings of wealth somehow. But is it me or does glass seem cold - it gives the impression that it is transparent and yet you can't see through it- glass allows people in but not really !
What has this got to do with work? Well I think it "mirrors" the desire of being a successful individual....fiercly protecting your individuality and yet wanting to feel part of the team. Giving the impression of openness and yet just keeping something back. Thats what architects and managers have in common.....somehow getting a balance between individuality and sense of community....or glass vs stone in towns.
Maybe it also highlights how if done correctly old and young can live in harmony.....what are your thoughts ?

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