Monday, April 03, 2006

Motivation and emotion

Both words with the same root...mot...meaning move. I am always surprised at how people hide emotion to stay "professional". Professional in this sense is cold and distant. You motivate by tapping into emotion and you can only tap into it, if you understand and show your own emotion(clearly controlled!) You can use the right words but if you don't back it with the relevant emotion in your voice, the words will be lost. I always find that I cannot present if I don't believe in the subject..if I do believe in it then I want to convey that to everyone. Make sure you believe 100% in what you are saying otherwise don't say it as people will see through it. Great actors convey emotion and make us "feel". When you are presenting or talking, your role is the same as the actor/actress so think about what emotion you want to convey and then take your stage....

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