Monday, April 10, 2006


Something that I have always done is read books, magazines etc that have nothing to do with my job. I read design magazines, tech blogs, US magazines, branding newsletters.
The reason is that I am looking for great ideas that I can use in my role. For example on the web there is a restaurant in US that has photos of their suppliers and a quick description of the supplier as part of their menu. I loved this idea and used it as a recognition tool - so the trainer suddenly had a photo and people could learn a little about them as a person. Giving it a more personal feel.
Design and branding materials are all over the web and all you need to do is put 15 minutes aside to "surf" for these little gems. The trick is loving an idea and then translating it to your work....but it is much easier than thinking of the original idea in the first place!
If you are looking for how to set out instructions...look in cookery books for example. This kind of reading is a form of free benchmarking. So bring an idea in and ask the team how you could use it in your company. Or even better get them to find great ideas for your next team meeting....and get a discussion going to see if you can use it to improve. This can help motivationa and can form part of a recognition program.

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