Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How To Get Ideas Accepted

Following on from the previous post, do you struggle to get ideas accepted? Well that maybe because you are not thinking about how to sell those ideas - what kind of person are you trying to sell it to?
1) Are they driven by profit if so concentrate on showing them the financial results
2) Do they love the world of detail - if so present the idea with loads of documentation eg internet research, articles, feedback, analysis
3) Are they a people person? If so concentrate on the impact of this idea on their team, on people within the organisation
4) Are they self-driven? If so tell them the benefits they will reap from backing this idea

An idea remains an idea until you can action it. Idea creation is often not succesful because people forget to market it to their audience/boss/family etc Don't think what is important to you, think what is important to them and watch your success rate soar!

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