Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Simple Communication

Do you struggle to keep people engaged when you are speaking? Maybe it is time to learn from Jack Welch
"If a manager can't describe a plan or proposal to me in one slide, I send them back to rework it because it means they don't understand it very well"

Often there is a desire to pack as many slides as possible but remember this can confuse the message. Guy Kawasaki has some great ideas but in essense keep it simple. Keep the message succinct - if you can't because it is "quite comlicated" then ask yourself - Do I fully understand this? Ask yourself the 5 why? until you get to the core reason.
The key aim is to create a dialogue, so allow plenty of time for questions. It is the discussion that will help people understand the complexity. It is the discussion that is allowing inclusion, giving respect to the thoughts of others.

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