Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My favourite quote comes from Edgar Shalton who states

"Do something. Either lead, follow or get out of my way!"

I love this - simply because even the words give the sense of action. Too many people think of all the obstacles, reason why they can't do something, the problems......sure you can do that and be miserable! I prefer to take a small step forward every day and be happy!....sometimes leading, sometimes following but trying not to be in the way. Success needs action, make a decision you can always tweak later on. But not making a decision at all, is accepting mediocrity and accepting the problems....go on try it take action!

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Anonymous said...

good point, many people make the mistake of thinking that leadership is the next natural step from management and most managers wouldn't dream of allowing their direct reports to manage them (wrongly I believe at times) - hence most leaders would feel inadequate if they allowed others to lead (especially direct reports) - foolishly. One mark of a great leader is that their self esteem is so in tact they do not feel the need to prove themselves time and again and are happy to flex in and out of the role as they see fit (Whiteheadian in style). The real question is - in hierarchical organisations where pay and benefits are based on position in the 'tree' (and a culture of "pay me first, only then will I do the job"; or "I'll only do this to get promotion"), how do we foster a culture of acceptance that leaders can and should emerge from all levels without the bitterness that tends to come with "they get paid more than me, why should I do their job for them?"