Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Managing Your Time

How do you spend you day, week, month?

The way you spend the hours at work says a lot about what is important to you. Look through your diary and ask the following
  1. How much time is dedicated to coaching. When I say coaching I don't mean managing workloads, problems etc - I mean real coaching?
  2. How much of your time is spent talking to your customers - be it internal or external?
  3. How much of your time is spent on your own development?
  4. How much of your time is dedicated to looking at the future and what you need to do to achieve the company vision?

Your diary will not lie! You have time to spend on the have 35-40 hours a week to spend how you want take a long hard look at the above, and be honest about why you are avoiding the above - fear, don't see it as important, motivation, lack of clarity, don't know how to - then address it. You cannot afford not to!

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