Friday, May 12, 2006

Management and the Ability to Connect

The engaging brand podcast discusses the role of leadership on employee engagement. In this weeks show they discuss the need for connecting with people. I couldn't agree more. Often the list of tasks gets in the way of managers and leaders spending time with the people. I am a believer that the tasks can, in the main be delegated as a tool for their development, but the motivation/inspiration of people is the role of managers and leaders.

People expect that you can do the day to day tasks - but what seperates you as a great leader is the ability to connect. People want meaning in their lives - look a the ressurgence of religion - popstars with Kabullah for instance. If you want to get the best out of your team - ask them "How does your role contribute to the firms success and vision?" If they look blankly then coach them, help them understand. Therefore, in purchase ledger - they pay the bills, to buy the raw materials, to make the product, to sell the product, to get the cash, to pay the employees etc etc.

Make their role less of a task and more of a key ingredient to success. After all its true! Every firm needs everyone performing to the best of their ability. Does the job description read in a way that inspires? Do you have a visible flowchart of how each person contributes to success? Do you have objectives linked to the company vision?

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