Monday, March 27, 2006

Your Influence

"What influence do I have ?" A common enough question around a business or even in a family. But in terms of 24 hours, 4 people will influence you and you will in turn influence 4 people. 4 is not necessarily a huge number I know, but then if you multiply that up about 100,000 people will be touched by your words, deeds, expressions. Now if I said to you that you have 100,000 chances to influence you may realise quite how much you influence the world.
Now that you have realised how much influence you have, I want you to think about how you want to use that influence.... a smile, a wink, words of encouragement, honest feedback....a "why don't you try that ? Also watch how others influence you and copy. I have been influenced by many people. One is my dad....he always taught me to respect people and to always know that every person is great at something be it parenting, cooking, managing, singing etc Not everyone is great at everything, - to achieve happiness always look for what people excel at and comment on it - play to their strengths. To see the level of attendance at my dads funeral he had found a lot of good in a lot of people....and made people feel special....what a great life achievement. Could people say that you look for the good in people ?

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