Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How do you measure yourself ?

When I speak to people, I am always amazed at how people judge themselves against other people. They are always more confident, more assertive, better car, better figure, etc etc
If you constantly judge yourself against others - in a world as big as this - you will always find someone who can make you "appear" inferior in some way.
So when I say "copy how successful people behave, I want to clarify. I am not saying judge yourself against others....rather in thinking of how you want to improve, of how you want to achieve your personal goals - watch others and learn from them. The only person to judge yourself against, is yourself. Judge how you are progressing against your personal goals.....and enjoy the progress you make...happiness comes from understanding what personal happiness is and continuing to ensure that you stay on that path....and always remember to someone else, you will be one of those people who always are more confident, driving a better car, have a better figure, etc

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