Thursday, March 02, 2006

Important achievements - Mine !

I found this quite difficult because I had a strange end to the year. Obviousy, everyone else found it just as hard as I haven't had your comments yet...come on make them visible.
  1. Most important thing I did last year - Grew talent internally and not take the easy route by bringing it in from outside. You do need to allow people to make mistakes but you can measure the success by how little they need you now. So proud of that...proud that I was never scared by it and proud of how people have responded to their opportunity.
  2. Most important thing I will do this year - I want to help people to achieve their potential. Out there there is a lot of ideas, skill, ability which is either just not recognised or even worse, held back. I want to ensure that this latent talent shines...working on how at the moment and most importantly how I measure it !

Quick thought for the day "Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument an exchange of ignorance" Robert Quillen was right, today show your knowledge not your ignorance.

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