Friday, March 03, 2006

Consumer Solutions

Well, you are all obviously a bit shy ! Either that or you don't know the answers. If it is the latter it is important to give some time to think about it. One to congratulate yourself on last year...and the second to give yourself a personal mission for this year.
Yesterday, I was thinking about ideas. Dec/Jan I had not been as full of ideas as I usually am....then I realised why, I was trying to think of ideas, not solutions...wrong. I then went back to thinking of analogies not ideas. For instance, do you think anyone sat down trying to invent Sky + ? Or do you believe someone looked at what the consumer wants from watch it when they want to, not when the programs are on, ease of recording etc. Sky + came from looking what the consumer was the solution to a consumer problem not an idea in isolation. So in answering what important thing you are going to achieve this year...think about the problems people have in dealing with you....then base the solution around addressing those things.

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