Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Partnership Principle

Fact: between 70 and 90% of a decision not to repurchase from a company is not about price, it is about the service that you received. I hate retail shopping in the UK. It would seem that I either have to queue forever, or I cannot find anyone to help me in store. Often I just walk out despondent, do they not want my money ? Relationships are incredibly important we need to work together, to win together. How much effort do you spend forging relationships ? Not just with the few but with everyone you work with....do you work with good capable people or do you partner with difference makers ? It needs to be a combination. Whether you work with suppliers, customers, buyers, distribution......treat each relationship as precious. It is not about who is right, it is about finding a position that both parties feel respected. I recently bought a computer - I walked out of the first shop because they were not interested in me. The second shop...this assistant treated me as if I was the most precious customer ever...guess who got the sale ? Happiness is not something you get out of life, rather it is something you bring to your life.


Anonymous said...

How true... surely you should treat people as you expect to treated yourself.
It's a far better place to be..
I think in todays market place more an more companies are forgetting the importance of customer service and relationships. How many times do we now have to phone a 'helpdesk / customer service line' only to get a prerecorded list of options to eventually speak to someone half an hour later who follows a script...

MabelandHarry said...

The good news is that if you build your role around delivering service it will not be difficult to stand out from the crowd! Did you know that some internet sites have actually created a personal shopper to speak to you while you are browsing....haven't seen it yet but this is another way people are trying to give personal service.

Dennis Howlett said...

Do tell - was it the Apple store on Regent Street? I'd be interested as just about every PC shop I've ever visited has been clueless. The Apple store was great.

MabelandHarry said...

It was actually PC World in Leeds…..the Sony Centre were the ones who lost my business. I am waiting though for the ultimate – the new Apple powerbook - now there is a company who appeals to your emotions…. Thanks for the feedback…you are not going to tell me you are the head of Sony retail are you ????

Anna Farmery

Dennis Howlett said...

Not at all - PC World Leeds - know it well though I now live in Spain. I used to live in Yorkshire up to 8+ years ago.

Their training must have gone up a dozen notches since I was last there.

I was a 24 year PC person before decamping to Apple - I remain suspicious of the Wintel thing. Not seeing rave reviews and there's stull that pesky MSFT tax thing. Having said that just about everything I do is on the 'net so I don't 'need' MSFT apps. Which is more than I can say for 99% of my clients. (doh!)

If you vist my site you'll see I'm the farthest thing you'll find from a Sony freak. :) LOL