Monday, March 13, 2006

Time the Precious Commodity

This weekend I went with some of my best friends for a weekend away. A couple of nights relaxing and enjoying the countryside...mmmm that was before the snow came and trapped us in on Sunday. I then witnessed something quite incredible. About 5 cars were trapped on the road - 3 of which were BMW's which probably won't surprise anyone. We had all managed to get to this hill from different directions but no one could get up this last hill. So faced with a big problem do you think we all sat in our cars waiting for experts ? Do you think we set a meeting date and waited for the meeting to decide our next move? No, despite the fact no one knew each other in any of the 5 cars we all got out and one by one pushed, and skidded these cars up the hill. No one was given duties we all knew what our goal was and mucked in. It made me smile because at work no doubt it would have been seen as impossible...or not in the job description !...but not out here in deep snow we all had one aim...and we knew that we were dependent on each other and therefore freely gave our muscles to help each other. Some with car mats under the tyres..some finding wood to clear snow, others pushing, all encouraging. Wow ! Lessons learnt would be the power of a group all wanting the same all your team see and understand how they will benefit if they achieve their goal ?

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