Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How to decommoditise yourself ?

In Ed Byrnes blog he refers to decommoditising your product in order to maintain your price. It made me think about people and how as a person if you want to increase your value in the talent marketplace. How do you create a brand that other companies want and are willing to pay more for your talents. For me the following increases your own brand value
  1. Relationship building and communication skills. Simply a must.
  2. Desire to learn - not only skill based but also a never ending curiousity in your company perfromance, your marketplace and your world. Globalisation means that you must understand the underlying trends in the world.
  3. Self Awareness - understand your strengths and play to them, understand your areas of development and work on them or ensure you fill those gaps by others around you.
  4. Developer of talent. Think of the companies people want to work for - they all have the ability to get the best out of people...giving them the chance to explore their individuality and yet still feel very much part of the team.
  5. Diversity of experience and the ability to bring together diverse opinion.

These are by no way the only attributes and I want to give more thought to it and would welcome your comments. Think we need to explore more over the next few weeks....


Michael Wagner said...

I always learn something good from your postings.

You comments here are spot on; and yet so many businsses let themselves be drawn into price only, commodity mindsets.

I hope a great many potential clients are benefiting from your blog; I know I am.

MabelandHarry said...

Michael - thank you for the feedback. Interestingly when you are blogging there is no price attached so the only way you can judge success is by adding value.It is great to hear I am helping - please tell your friends !

Ed Byrne said...

Hi ... thanks for your comment on my post!

For me, (basically your point no. 1) personal brand is not about being the best, or being passionate - they are givens / prerequisites; in order to build a brand-you it's about making sure everyone knows how good you are.

There's no point being great if no one knows it! I'm not suggesting you blow-your-own-trumpet from the top of the trees ... but as you suggest in point no. 1 - interacting with the community is a good way to do this.

Anonymous said...

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