Friday, November 23, 2007

Don't Forget the Quiet Talent

So often the people who get recognised are the ones who are louder, better at self promoting but often there is some real talent hidden away. Your role is to search for that talent and to let that talent shine. Learn from Emperor Claudius!

Claudius became Emperor in AD41 and far from the obvious choice. He limped, stuttered and was perceived as weak. He had been kept in seclusion as his family was embarassed about him! When there was a huge power struggle, many nobles were killed and left Claudius as the last surviving male. This was the time that Claudius showed his astute ability as a leader...this person who people had perceived as weak proved to be a good leader throughout his 13 year rule with a spate of impressive public works and the conquest of Britain.

Never be fooled by a perception, don't assume......look through the shyness, and assess the ability.

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