Monday, November 05, 2007

Embrace Social Networking

Often people say social networking is new, firms try to ban access as though it is something to be banished from society. I would never ban it for this simple reason - the tools might be new but the sentiment isn't..those conversations are going to be had whether you give access on the internet or not. I love this quote from Scott Donaton from Ad Age

"Since the first 3 cavemen stood around a fire, we've had social networks"

The important factor is how to use social networking, social networkers and social networking sites to your benefit. Think of it as access to talent, access to a database of mind power, access to that human need of belonging, access to a communication tool that can connect people globally. You know people used to fear the telephone, fear emails as a waste of time...then they learned how to use them for their own benefit and the benefit of the firm. Embrace new technology, if you fight will just be left behind....

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