Monday, November 19, 2007

Carnival of Leadership Development

Welcome to the November 22, 2007 edition of carnival of leadership development.

Ivan Rios
presents 9 Things To Do In The First 100 Days posted at

Anna presents Behave Yes...Conform Never! posted at The Engaging Brand

Ivan Rios presents Why Leaders Break Rules That Need To Be Broken posted at

Jeremy Neal presents Thoughts on Quotes: Leaders Make Leaders - Creative Thoughts - Famous Quotes posted at Thoughts on Quotes, saying, "The function of leadership is to produce more leaders. Leaders make leaders, otherwise they are just managing to get by."

David Kam presents Bad Chief Officers, The Downfall of Many Companies | Marketing and Business Strategy - posted at

Michelle Cramer presents Learning From Experienced Entrepreneurs posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, "We all have regrets - it’s just a fact of life. But we learn from those experiences, much like the flourishing entrepreneurs interviewed in’s article "If They Could Turn Back Time." Their feedback reveals important steps that everyone starting their own business should know."

The Career Counselor presents Four Ways to Recognize an Office Liar posted at ask the CareerCounselor, saying, "Tips and tricks to help managers and other leaders see through office fibs and lies."

Mike Buckley presents Motivation posted at Mine Your Own Business.

Sagar presents How to: ?Fire? Your Bad Clients, Make More Money and Restore Your Sanity posted at Bootstrapper.

Matthew Paulson presents Eight Tactics That Will Help You Win Any Negotiation posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Inspire Yourself on Purpose – Inspiration from Inside Out posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Here are twelve common sense reminders on how to inspire yourself. The word “inspire” derives from root words that mean “in spirit” or “spirit within.” Although there’s always another step to take, these points are a natural result of recognizing and identifying with this realization of who we really are. "
Jeremy Neal presents The Hard Work of Genius posted at Thoughts on Quotes, saying, "A strong work ethic combined with the ability to focus, and exhibit leadership courage, can make people of average intelligence appear to be geniuses."
Gavin Ingham presents What’s your Si (Sales Intensity) rating? posted at Gavin Ingham.

Carol Bentley presents Here’s 8 elements for a powerful sales letter. . . posted at Here’s 8 elements for a powerful sales letter. . ..

Alex Marlin presents Stress Is Rampant In Our Community posted at Life Improvement Tips For Thin and Small People, saying, "Very nice article that deals with stress related issues, like how to avoid stress and simple signs for spotting stress."
GreatManagement presents How To Be An Effective Public Speaker posted at The GreatManagement Blog.

Sagar presents Top 100 Entrepreneur Podcasts posted at Bootstrapper.

Edith presents How to Find Your Greatness (Inspired by Barbara DeAngelis) posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Alvaro Fernandez presents Emotional Intelligence and Faces posted at SharpBrains, saying, "What do our faces say?"

David B. Bohl presents Driven to Succeed, Prisoner of Success, Workaholic, or Someone Who Can?t Say ?No?? posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, "As you contemplate the number of hours you’ll be spending on your work in the months ahead, do you dread the thought? Will you have a mountain of work to do, yet still take on more with a smile (maybe forced) on your face? Will people be pulling you in every direction?"
Ralph Jean-Paul presents Meet 7 People in 7 Days posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, "Looking for new clients and business contacts? There are 6.7 trillion people in the world. How many of them do you know? Meet a new person for business or social advancement each day this week."

Michelle Cramer presents Communicating Competence posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, "Though your personality has a lot to do with it, people often judge by what they see first rather than what they hear. So it’s important that you portray competence in your business industry not only in your knowledge and performance, but also in how you convey yourself."

Marco Richter presents Be Flexible posted at Work From Home Concepts.

Jason Jacobsohn presents 15 Questions to Evaluate Your Networking Committment posted at Networking Insight.

Wanda Grindstaff presents Success Through Service, the Most Important Component! posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles.

GreatManagement presents Great Inspiration Articles 19 Nov 2007 posted at The GreatManagement Blog

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