Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Inner Values

Recognition of inner values is very important....

"In 1957 a group of monks in Bangkok had to move a 2.5 ton clay Buddha to make way for a new road. After starting the manoeuvre via a crane it started to rain. The chief monk was concerned as it began to crack, so stopped the crane and covered the Buddha up overnight. That night he went out to look at the crack to assess the problem. As he shone the torch a gleam came from under the crack - the Buddha was really made of gold - a protective layer had covered up its true value"

Mmmm how often does that happen at work, how often do we see someone's protective layer rather than the hidden talent - the treasure, inside them. Teams are made of very special people, they have chosen to work for us - what a compliment! Each one is unique and their value is worth protecting. How closely do you look for the gold?

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Mark Waldman said...

When Andy Newberg and I lecture, we teach an “Inner Values” exercise based on our UPenn brainscan research of meditators. It's included in the TEDx talk ( ). We find that it helps people with different beliefs to show more compassion toward each other. I'd love it if you'd share it with others, and give us feedback on your reactions and experience. We teach it to executive MBA students because it enhances their willingness to promote social responsibility in their businesses. Regards, Mark