Monday, March 05, 2007

Speed - What pace is your business?

Pace is important and it is a balance...too slow and your talent gets frustrated as do your customers...too quick and it can confuse.

I would say it is a safe bet that you work in a company that could increase it's do that through focusing on the 3 core ideas of the company. No other distractions. Focus on the 3 goals, translate for each team and individual and then work together to make it happen.

A little tale to finish
"A snail was once crossing a road for seven years. Just as the snail got across the road a tree fell and missed the small snail by about an inch or two. "Just think", said the snail, "If I had been where I was six months before, the tree would have killed me. See how it pays to be fast!"

Are you kidding yourself in your team? Nothing will ever be perfect...try it, get it out there and then tweak...learn from the beta idea of software companies and take that into your workplace.

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