Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to manage homeworking

In a world that craves flexibility and individuality, there is a greater number of times when you manage people that are not necessarily working alongside you. So what are the 5 secrets of success

  1. Trust - the number 1 item. You need to trust in your people, trust their integrity. Without trust their is no relationship.
  2. Understand why they need to work from home and support them. Get to know them like you would your people at your place of work. Understand what they like about it, and what support they need from you.
  3. Manage by output. Set clear objectives, and give regular feedback on their performance. Feedback on the output NOT a value judgement on whether they are working hard!
  4. Invest in your communication skills...more than ever you need even stronger social skills when you cannot interact face to face regularly.
  5. Find ways to give face to face. Online meetings, visits, gatherings anything to give that personal touch.

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