Friday, July 21, 2006

Teams Need Trust

Trust is vital for strong effective teamwork. No question. Without it energy and creativity just drains without it. So what can you do to encourage trust to flourish, well here are some quick thoughts
  1. Look for common thinking, look for similarities within the group and reinforce this by taking about it.
  2. Deal with people who are working against the team. By ignoring their behaviour you are condoning it.
  3. Give individual objectives but also always have one that is based on the team results.
  4. Encourage interaction...create space for people to sit together, socialise. Hold lunch meetings....have break out areas etc
  5. Review team performance and look for reason why progress is slow and agree together how to remove the blocks.
  6. Listen, watch behaviour...... your eyes and your ears are great open as a leader for ideas.

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