Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Managers Role

Question: Do you spend time on your business or in your business?

Look at your objectives, and compare them to your diary. Are you spending time - "being busy!" but not effective in creating the success of your team? You diary is a great source of information - it shows how you are spending your time...have a look and look for...
  1. Meetings that did not add value
  2. Meetings that people in your team could attend as part of their development.
  3. Lost time....what were you doing and why were you doing it?
  4. Time spent on day to day issues vs time spent on the future
  5. Email watching!

Busy is not necessarily effective. Ask yourself each time, how does this relate to my role and does it help me achieve my objectives? If the answer is normally no, then you are not being effective...get that mirror out, look in it and ask yourself the real reason why the avoidance?

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