Thursday, July 27, 2006

Celebrate Success

We are quick to point out what has gone wrong. But don't forget to celebrate success. Success breeds success...getting on a roll and getting that winning feeling is an important part of building a high performance team. Here are some ideas, send in any to add to the list!
  1. Have a success board. Post memo's from customers - internal and external, articles about your team from the press, from the company magazine.
  2. Publish results and have a treat if you achieve the target. eg Ice creams, share a cake, let people leave 30 mins early
  3. Have a high fives session in the middle of your team when you get some good news.
  4. Treat the team to lunch for achieving a tough schedule.
  5. E-mail or publish on the intranet a well done to someone.
  6. Send a thank you card for work that goes that extra mile.
  7. Give the team a small budget for them to decide how to celebrate.

Come on every one of us likes success...bring it to the fore, make it part of the culture.

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