Friday, November 24, 2006

Educating the New Generation

We are aware that our values, behaviours etc are formed during our school years. That is why as a manager and as a company I have always linked with local schools and colleges. I see this as important for the following reasons
  1. It builds links with the community which after all will be a key talent pool.
  2. It is an investment in the future of business - helping children understand and become passionate about the commercial world.
  3. The children act as a great sounding board - they ask you questions that maybe you should be asking yourself.
  4. Children talk to their parents - people who are in the current talent pool, so free advertising of your employment brand.
  5. The new generation care about society, and your role with the community. Your linkage helps both the Employment Brand and also your personal brand.
  6. It is huge fun and very rewarding!

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