Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mabel and Harry

People often struggle with the difference between leadership and management. When you are responsible for a team there is no doubt that you need both. Leadership for me is not being constrained by reality. Asking yourself what if there were no boundaries, what if there were no restrictions - what would we do. Leadership is all about asking those questions not just to your yourself but also to the people around you and listening. Really listening to the answers, understanding what you really could achieve if you pushed those boundaries and then help make it happen.Management is then about making it happen and patrolling the boundaries ! As a senior person you cannot split the two attributes. People with more of a left brain orientation will love the management - lists, projects, timescales, KPI's. People with a more people and creative right brain approach will love the visionary part. But to be the true leader you need to work on both. Do you drift into your comfort zone and concentrate upon what makes you comfortable ?

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