Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Achieve 2% more !

A guy called Benjamin Schneider found for every 1% improvement in service there is a 2% increase in revenue ! So today I have 5 tips on how to achieve that focus
  1. Does everyone in your team absolutely understand your expectations of them and their service level ? Check and spend time ensuring even your internal customers understand them.
  2. Everyone in your team has different strengths - alot of people concentrate on their weaknesses, well for the next few weeks live with their weaknesses and instead build on their strengths and see them flourish.
  3. Encourage people in your teams to recognise each other..peer recognition is superb for building team spirit
  4. Celebrate success along the way. We often post a target that will take a while to achieve, so it feels to far away for people....have a few milestones along the way and take time to recognise that achievement. It also helps to build momentum.
  5. Make recognition specific to the individual - not a standard prize. A working single mum might appreciate an hour off, someone else might want concert tickets, it only acts as a motivator if people will use it and enjoy it.

Remember as well, this works just as well in your private life !


Anonymous said...

Todays message has helped me with my 2006 people objectives and has made me remember/recognise that one size does not fit all and never will!

MabelandHarry said...

I believe there is so much standardisation that people forget the personal touch. If we want people to be engaged then we must look at what they are good at, why we want them in our team and build objectives that give them a realistic stretch. But always remember treat each individual as that..an individual...not merely a team member who needs objectives. That way they will achieve more and so will you.

Anonymous said...

5 really key points for me - I am currently working with new managers re the development of their people and these points will give them tips on what to look for in their people - I all too often find that managers assume one size fits all and don't recognise their team members as individuals along with their different strengths and weaknesses. In my expereice when given that opportunity people will deliver way above their managers expectations and often their own, as was the case with me!