Monday, January 30, 2006

Ideas to Inspire

I love a book called Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts. In there he gives you 5 ideas to do today so here you are:
  • Reward people who ask tough questions: - you respect them they will respect you
  • Make innovation/creativity part of your thinking by putting 30mins aside for ideas each day and allow your team the same
  • Make quality a fetish..there is no such thing as perfect but we should aim for continuous improvement
  • Think design and how you interact with your customers both internal and external...does your paperwork grab peoples attention, make them interested in what you have to say
  • Do a secrets audit - why are you keeping them and what is the potential truthful

Try a couple of these and tell me how they work....


Maggie said...

How do you find time in a day to spend 30 minutes being creative ?

MabelandHarry said...

On average a person spends 20 hours a month bashing the boss or listening to someone else bashing can't stop time but you are the sole person who can choose how you use it. But we will look at this further this week