Saturday, June 09, 2007

Understanding why the customer is right

One of my first bosses was wonderful with customers. He understood them, he understood that his role was to solve their problems. I worked at a printing firm and often the printers would be annoyed with last minute changes to the printing schedules because of customer requirements.

When this happened the next time the customer came in, he always took the buyer to the printer involved. The buyer thanked the printer for pulling out the stops and explained why there had been a last minute rush. The results were
  1. The printer felt recognised, valued for their contribution.
  2. They understood more about how the customers operated.
  3. They felt a sense of pride that they had helped the customer out.
  4. They formed a human to human relationship with the buyer.
  5. They willingly made the changes next time a rush turnaround was needed.
Don't be afraid to make connections all the way around the business. The more buyers and employees talk, the stronger the relationship between the companies.

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