Friday, June 22, 2007

Focusing at Work

Some thoughts for the weekend
  • According to the National Association of Professional Planners says there is about 52 hours of unfinished work on it.
  • Research says that people face a distraction every 11 minutes
  • Once distracted it takes 25 mins to get back to the task.
  • A study at University of Michigan in 2005, between 20-40% of a person's productivity is eaten up by task switching.
Wow - makes you focus doesn't it!

There are 3 questions that I would ask you
  1. How much development time is spent on priority management?
  2. How much as a leader are you distracting your team - and actively reducing their productivity?
  3. Do you and your team know the difference between what is "urgent" and what is important?

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