Monday, June 25, 2007

It is how you develop and learn that is important

A little story.

This boy grew up in the countryside, left school at 11 to work on the farm. He was dyslexic and had never been away from his community. He couldn't read or write. Did he resign to his fate or did he succeed in his dreams?

He succeeded and built a multi million pound company, how did I know? He was my dad.

He always said that it was not what you were taught that was important, it was what you learned. It was not the knowledge that you had, it was how you used it.

Often we can focus on what development we have not received....well, with the world of the internet this is an excuse not a reality. To succeed at work you need to evolve your learning, evolve your thinking and practice, practice, practice.

You are your own barrier.....if you want to succeed you can, if you think you won't, you won't...

As Dad always said "The world of business is always looking for new ideas, new ways of working, new body could have taught me about them, as they didn't exist. I learned to watch the world, see the problems then think of a solution and sell it. I didn't need to be educated to do that, it would have been great but it has never held me back because I have never let it"

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