Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Understanding why people reject your idea

A great example from history is Galileo who claimed that the sun was at the centre of the solar system. Did everyone celebrate the idea, did people welcome this thought, did he get promoted(!) at his next appraisal?

Far from it, he faced persecution from the Church. Why? Was it the idea that they rejected, no it was how the idea made them feel, it would not have mattered what was at the centre they were thrown as someone was advocating a theory that was different to theirs.....years go by and the principle stays true.

Make sure that you understand that to be successful in convincing people of an idea, you must address their feelings, their preconceived ideas, their sense of holding on to the past. Then present the idea as a solution to an existing problem - not as a revolutionary idea that will change the centre of their universe.

People reject what they don't understand, they fear big change...to get an idea accepted you need to ease the audience into the future....

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