Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Having a long term view

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can lose focus on the long term aim of your work. Not just the financial targets but the real purpose behind your work.

Here is a story to inspire you to think about the long term.

1)Henry Ford's first company lasted only a year because the shareholders saw it as a money making concern.
2)Henry Ford left his second company after just 18 months because he believed that the board's desire for profit bred a fear of failure.
3) In the 3rd company Henry Ford sacked a backer to follow his dream democratising the motor car.
4) It took him 9 years to get the production cost down to $345 and saw sales of 730,000 a year.

The great leaders in history of all had a strong sense of purpose, a reason for being...not just the money. The money comes when you start producing against the vision. Think Google, think Microsoft...their dreams were higher than money...and yet 2 of the most profitable companies in modern history.

What is your purpose?

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