Friday, February 23, 2007

Positive Thinking - The Power of a Manager

Seeing the positive side of life is important for leaders. Here is a little story

"There was a medieval knight who attended a dragon slaying school - he was afriad so Merlin gave him a sword with magical powers and after that he slew dragon after dragon. Then one day Merlin sprung a trip on the group - the students rushed off but later the medieval knight realised that he had picked up the wrong sword. But he carried on and when faced with the next dragon, he slayed it. He was so proud and rushed back to tell Merlin - Merlin laughed and said "I thought that you would have guessed by now; none of the swords are magic. The magic is you believing."

As a manager you are like Merlin and can give all of your team that belief that they can achieve anything - a magic phrase....."I trust you, go on do it, I beleive in you."

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Lyn said...

Great word. I just read a note from a friend who wrote "I believe in you!" What timing!

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